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LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover maximizes your truck with an ultra low profile design and superior protection. This hard tonneau cover is light in weight and designed for strength, style and security, while being easy to operate and convenient for one person to install and remove.

LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover uses durable aluminum panels with strong, waterproof hinges. Each panel is manufactured from aluminum alloy used to build commercial trailers and the textured matte black finish blends with your truck's OEM bed caps for a polished appearance. Extruded aluminum channels support the panels, keeping the hard truck bed cover rigid and reducing weight. More than 90% of LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover can be recycled. Water resistant hinges, rubber seals, and minimal metal-on-metal contact combine to reduce vibration and noise for a quiet ride.

Low Profile Tonneau Design

Low Profile Design

At less than half an inch above the truck bed, LOMAX™ Tonneau Cover's textured matte black finish perfectly complements your truck and OEM bed caps.

Easy to Operate Tonneau Cover

Easy Operation

Open by pulling cord from either side to disengage latches; folding panels automatically releases additional locks. Secure LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover with built-in storage clips. Close by unfastening storage clips and use integrated handle to unfold each panel. When closed, the tonneau cover automatically locks at 10 points, keeping your gear out of sight and protected.

Weather Tight Seal

Weathertight Seal

Water-shedding design and waterproof hinges route water away from the truck bed, no drains or gutters needed. The hard folding tonneau cover overlaps the bed rails with a continuous seal along the full length of the side rails, preventing rain, dirt, dust and snow from entering the truck box.

Incorporated Storage Clips

Incorporated Storage Clips

Retractable storage clips hold tonneau cover firmly in place and rigid standoffs with vinyl caps keep panels perfectly spaced in the folded position. No adjustments necessary.

Light in weight Tonneau Cover

Strong Yet Light in Weight

Extruded aluminum channels reinforce the panels to support up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, while weighing approximately 50 pounds for an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

Install Tonneau Cover

Simple Install

The rails install with 8 TIGHT BITE™ Clamps. Slide LOMAX™ Tonneau Cover forward to engage hooks, then place into retainment brackets. Unfolding each panel automatically locks truck bed cover at 10 points when closed. No drilling needed.

Easy Tonneau Removal

Easy Removal and Reinstallation

With LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover open and storage clips fastened, pull cords on front panel, slide tonneau cover back to release hooks, and lift to remove. To reinstall, slide tonneau cover forward to engage hooks and lower to automatically lock in retainment brackets.

Average Customer Rating: star star star star star (5 customer reviews)

Review by: Bill C.   star star star star star

Unbelievable how well it fits. The look is amazing. I have only had it on the truck 2 weeks but I believe it will withstand time.

Review by: Chris R.   star star star star star

Easy to install. Fits perfect and looks great on my 2018 Ford F150.

Review by: Matt J. - NY   star star star star star

This is a good tonneau cover and it delivers in its low profile design. Came faster than expected and I was able to install it by myself in about 30 minutes.

Review by: Tom P. - FL   star star star star star

This is the cleanest and sleekest hard cover on the market today. Its construction makes it less susceptible to damage caused by the sun. That's important to Florida drivers with no access to a garage or cover. The ability to quickly remove it when large loads need to be moved is also a great feature. It's main surface is aluminum meaning little to no maintenance is required and it can support up to 400lbs of distributed weight. Finally the cost is within reason for a cover of this type.

Review by: Don C. - NJ   star star star star star

Love it!! Easy to install and light. Looks great