Get your ROXTER™, ROCTECTION™ and ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flap accessories here. A pickup needs the right accessories for optimal towing. Following are mud flap accessories ready to solve a variety of problems.

Towing ball mounts

A properly leveled trailer leads to safer, more efficient towing. One important step is to use a ball mount with the right height setting to make sure your trailer is set up at the right angle. One particularly helpful hitch accessory is an adjustable ball mount. This mount can handle several trailer heights and two different trailer ball sizes, which is convenient for a truck driver who must haul different trailers with different ride heights and ball sizes.

Block exhaust heat

Some trucks have exhaust configurations that can damage rubber mud flaps. These setups can come from the factory (such as certain General Motors HD pickups) or from aftermarket work. This is the job for the ROCKSTAR™ Heat Shield. The heat shield mud flap accessory product handles the heat so the rubber stays strong.

Clamp your mud flaps down

Most trucks have 2" receiver hitches and use 2" ball mounts. These are classified as Class III or Class IV hitches depending on towing ratings. Some trucks, however, have larger 2.5" hitches, often called "Class V" hitches, and using ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps with one of these trucks requires a special ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Clamp. This hitch accessory is a simple way to install your mud flaps.